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8. jun, 2022

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Background and our best experiences through a symbolic language in blue, red, yellow and purple colors, - for leadership and communications....

Background and our best experiences through a symbolic language in blue, red, yellow and purple colors, - for leadership and communications....

---------------------------------------------------------together we can ....

---------------------------------------------------------together we can ....

SGL is a vision:

We belief that the quality of life creates interaction and utilized competence - An experience that words creates what they mention. - An Insight that leadership behaviour reflects a view of humanity. - A value orientation and a conversation strategy to promote: Communication - Creativity – Quality

👍Through precise concepts and definitions that convey high academic terms.

👍Through visualization and recognition of content body icon illustrations.

👍Through a symbolic language in blue, red, yellow and purple for leadership and communications.


Temperament is our lot in life ..

Temperament is our lot in life ..

Feelings and temperament are important prerequisites for a sense of belonging and interaction at the workplace - as they are in life itself. We know from experience that different temperaments attract and complement each other, while similar temperaments either create frustration or passiveness.

And we can do little about the temperament we are born with. Our temperament is our lot in life.

Fortunately, we all have a useful purpose, and the greatest and most energy is liberated when all the colours of the temperaments  are represented in the right place and at the right time in the right way in an organisation.

FREE to use our best experiences

From Focus: SGL-theme no. 7

From Focus: SGL-theme no. 7

The development of SGL as a management tool began in Norwegian Hydro Oil Division (U & P) from 1988 to 2000 - During this period, Jan P. Hagberg was engaged as a leadership consultant and coach for a number of major projects. -

Through continuous challenges in Human Resources, teambuilding, meeting observations and feedback sessions, appraisals talks, projects leadership, TQM and ethic-challenges  – it was created a culture and a methodology named SGL 

 SGL is not a book, but an archive and a library of ideas and models for visualizing people and values, performance and leadership for all those who want a lot.

We welcome you to the world of: Supervision-Groups-Ledership


In the SGL-concept we have determined and interpreted both: Carl Gustav Jung's four archetypes from the ancient hindu thinking, and the three active levels of communication of transactional analysis (Parent, Adult and Child) from the famous book of Eric Berne.

In that way the book of: ”Games people play” - should form the basis for the theoretical and practical structure of our eight team roles and their use and significance for decisiveness, creativity and leadership.




Through SGL Supervision program I have got a greater respect and humility for my head job.

Bjorn Sund, Executive Director, Norwegian Hydro


SGL Supervision program is so original and different from other "courses" that it adds new skills and shakes many managers out of solidified attitudes and ways of thinking.

Ivar Ramberg, Exploration Director, Hydro U&P


SGL Supervision program have a steep learning curve. Powerful challenges on a personal level. This should be Mandatory for organization and start-up of all team- and project groups.

Knut Birkeland, HR director, Hydro / HTP


NOW: FREE USE for everybody ..

Except: It must not be copied from:

Except: It must not be copied from: "website:" - without acknowledgment in contravention to the Norwegian Copyright Act, or special permission from the copyright holder.

To date, SGL has been used as a tool for professionals advisers. Now SGL gradually will be cast online to universal and free use on web. - Here - anyone can use our tests to find the secrets for themselves and their colleagues, their work and their customers.

Through our tools: We hope it will be created introspection, as a beginning to change. - For the experience is:

 "Not all knowledge leads to change.

BUT no change without knowledge!" 

JOIN the SGL-users ....

Inform yourself about the possibilities, whether you are looking for to measure your own work, or put numbers on your own wellbeing, or find out why you have good energy with some of your co-workers, while others are much harder to handle.

SGL provides the key to understanding the interaction between yourself and your surroundings. The whole thing is like a chess game where you are one of the pieces. Everything is about insight, knowledge and self-development. It applies to all ...

who are in great need or

those who want to achieve a lot 


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