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SGL - 2023


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 «Through SGL I have got a greater respect and humility for my head job”

“SGL is so original and different from other Courses that it adds new skills and shakes many managers out of solidified attitudes and ways of thinking.

“SGL should be Mandatory for organization and start-up of all team- and project groups.”

“The SGL concept was a fantastic starting point for establishing a common language in the management team. The result was, almost conflict-free communication between employees, which released extra energy to strengthen work towards common goals defined in the strategic plan”

“Jan Petrus brings wisdom developed from supporting people in life and in business over many decades in different spheres. He can help leaders understand themselves and each other better, and therefore how to get the best from each other”
“Petrus is a wise man. - . I admire the way Petrus talks to and guides the participants in their inner life and their understanding of themselves.”


for ledere i nød,

og for ledere som vil mye.