The empower/main function

is forming an arrowhead in the vertical axis while the correspondingly weak abilities, called

The shadow function

is the arrow tail in the same axis, with

The helper functions

as the left and right wing in the opposite horizontal axis.

Feelings and temperament are important prerequisites for a sense of belonging and interaction at the workplace - as they are in life itself. We know from experience that different temperaments attract and complement each other, while similar temperaments either create frustration or passiveness. And we can do little about the temperament we are born with. Our temperament is our lot in life. Fortunately, we all have a useful purpose, and the greatest and most energy is liberated when all the colours of the temperaments  are represented in the right place and at the right time in an organisation.

In the SGL-concept we have determined that Jung's four archetypes and the three active levels of communication of transactional analysis (Parent, Adult and Child) should form the basis for the theoretical and practical structure of our eight team roles and their use and significance for decisiveness, creativity and leadership.

In an attemt to illustrate and categorize variations in this "personal chemistry" - SGL made the teamdiagram where power and chalange was represented by the vertical axis, and subjects and skills was represented by the horizontal axis. The team icon with his head, hands, heart and feet in the diagram - visualizes the different parts of the same personality in one body

I THINK that "belonging and ownership in each other tasks" is the target for all creative teamwork. This means being open to alternative solutions, different behavior and new ways of organising work, than that which is normally required for repetive tasks in a production organisation. - In my fantasy I can vizualize Nohas ark from the first Book of Moses in The old testament, where by Gods command escapes the big flood with lions, donkeys, dogs and elephants in the same boat. As a picture or metaphor, this story may illustrate the vareity and ingenuity which may surface in a situation where creativity and new developments are required in order to survive.-

However - you must be aware - either the head, arms, heart or feet, have to be the "chief" or "commander" for the others.


I my training courses I often use the human body with head, hands, heart and feet as symbols for the four most important elements in the well known "personal chemistry". From the colour coding in the Language-circle, I then seperate the following:

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