Most of us can write a note or a working document in a blue rational and professional language.

Many are also good at writing a driving good story
in a sentient personal red language.

Some achieves the greatest success by writing texts in poetry that speaks to us and our feelings in a yellow, intimate and almost private language.

Others are the best people to "paint" with words or to use metaphors and striking illustrations in an intuitive purple symbolic language that can say a thousand words.


with its "color language" is such an attempt:


In the checklist on the previous page the key words: Risk-willing / Risk-strong / Risk-securing / Risk-safeguarding - indicate what we call the personal decision room, understood as the region where one will feel safe in relation to unknown and unpopular decisions. The Decision Tree illustrates this by allowing

-> the highest branch level to cover a smaller area...

-* than the next-highest, which again is smaller than...

-* the next-lowest branch level, whereas...

*♦ the lowest branch level is largest compared with all the others.

In this way we show that the decision-making room for the highest branch level must be supplemented and developed, for example, through structure and security, and correspondingly for the other decision levels to compensate for the largest decision room.

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