World Best - World Wide. Be your potensial - Be what you are - Foto: Epson Fotografi

World Best - World Wide. Be your potensial - Be what you are - Foto: Epson Fotografi

FIND YOUR : KPI`s - Key Performance Indicators -

Your friends and colleagues know who you are. Now is the time to systematize the "obvious" and make this to your own. Because nobody knows the others, before you know yourself.

When the sun shines, you will always cast a shadow. -SGL is therefore not talking about strong and weak characteristics. We are only talking about the properties, of which one property always will be stronger than the others. This dominant key factor (KPI) -we will now try to identfy. - We will give you three quistiones and six options, of which you must choose three alternatives as your personal KPI. Let's start:

CHOOSE the 51 % KPI from the alternatives below:

(F) LEADERSHIP / POSITION and "parents arena".

I communicate through results, facts and empowerment to leadership and Human Relations.

(S) STIMULI and "energy arena"

I need prospecting tactics and insecurity, and I dislike control and trodden paths.

(R) RESCUER and "result arena"

I become assertive by responsibility, improvements and empowerment that I believe are important for the world.

Choose either (F)-(B)

Choose either (S)-(L)

Choose either (R)-(H)

(B) LEADERSHIP / COMPETENCE and "skills arena".

I communicate through values, skills and creativity in relation to development and Human Relations.

(L) LAW and …. "judging arena"

I prefer order and loyalty tactics, and I greatly dislike stress, chaos and disorder.

(H) HELPER and "heart arena"

I become stimulated of turbulens, people and togetherness, - and I feel always good to do good to others.

YOUR KPI = your team role codes ..

IDENTIFY your three letters as your KPI-code, and find your colour and interaction between all the different perspectives in the map. -

Let us think of our personality as a clean sheet of paper, where your KPI-code will zoom your team role to one-eight of the sheet. This does not mean that we have lost our other characteristics, but that will show this side of ourselves most and it is this that other recognice as being us.

🙂WHEN you have identified your code and colour, repeat your Language Role and your Desicions Role. If they are simular. You have done a great job. Congratulations!


This way of thinking has its roots in both the near and distant past of our cultural historiy. From the ancient Hindu tradition hundreds of years before our era, there developed such four different salvation roads, equivalent to the individual temperament and functions. What a person had not achieved in this life, he had to learn in the next and so on. Until everything was done.

The thoughts that everyting belonging to each other - as one body / one team, we have many examples from the Holy Bible, here some words from Paul in 1.Cor. 12,14 and 26

"For the body itself is not made up of only one part, but of many parts.  If one part is praised, all the other parts share its hapiness."

In 1921 Carl Gustav Jung published his personality typology with roots to all the human history, which together with own research make the background for the 8 winner-team-roles. - Now - the time is here:


We believe that the ability to interact always increases - with increased self-awareness.
That means that a good team is characterized by diversity and colorfulness.                                     That is our experiences with:


Main function: Strategic thinking.
Characteristics: Seeks authority. Enjoys responsibility. Can be dominate. Best at objective communication.
Focus/Etichs: Needs confirmation, expressed in a utility ethic that says "It's results that count".
Decision language: Blue,
analytical, facts-oriented and Risk-securing.
Ideal partner is Yellow: loyal, genuine - a person to trust.
Shadow function: EQ /Feelings, which many control through intellect, energy and winner will.

Code: FSR / PURPLE - THE REBELL /reformator

Main function: Intuitive reformer.
Characteristics: Seeks action. Committed, and a critical rebel against systems. - May be considered to be arrogant and self-assured. Works well, even under pressure.
Focus/Etichs: Needs to oppose, expressed in an intuitional ethic "What's good for me is good for the world", or "Love yourself".
Decision language: Purple:
analytical, critical and Risk-willing.
Ideal partner is red: creative and supportive.
Shadow function: social sence which many try to master through initiative and a high rate of activity.


Main function: Sensing and analytical.
Characteristics: Seeks renewal. Outgoing and dynamic. Can be experienced as idealistic and socially demanding. Has charisma and communicates well.
Focus/Ethics: Needs success, which is expressed in the situational ethic's here-and-now choices which says "You make your life while you live it".
Decision language: Red
analytical, "a'ha" seeking and Risk-strong.
Ideal partner is purple: Unorthodox and clear-sighted.
Shadow function: Intuition which is often mastered through in-depth study of literature, philosophy and


Main function:Rational stabiliser.
Characteristics:Seeks structure and systems. Can be conscientious. Use feelings to arrange life in a hierarchy of external values.
Focus/Ethics:Needs security expressed through a rule ethics that is controlled by commands like: "You shall not ..."
Decisions language is: Yellow, structured, vulner-able and Risk-consensus.
Ideal partner is: Blue, accurate and demanding.
Shadow function: Analytical independence, - mastered by loyalty to law and order,


AGAIN - WE CAN COMPARE a winning team with the pieces in a chess game, with roots back to India. - If we imagine that the King and Queen can be elected from any of the other pieces, we are left with this four and basic archetype roles.
Tower/Horse = fighters (R) Runner/Farmer=helpers (H)


ANOTHER REFLECTION of the same phenomenon is found in the Hindu thinking which believes that people want four things on the basis of their intrinsic needs and preferences. When the roads Hinduism draws on the map are four, responds that they are intended for four types of people in an extremely interesting way corresponding into the contemporary understanding of the brain today.


FOR SOME PEOPLE - say Hinduism is: Primarily reflective. Others are emotional. Others are sensitive and energetic. And finally you find those who are intuitive and seeking beyond our lives here and now. - For each of these personality types prescribes Hinduism a special yoga, which is designed to get the best out of the different personalities.


THIS ANCIENT INSIGHT confirmed today in most personality tests based on Jungian psychology, modern brain research and existential therapy that says: "Be what you are."
This theory model is basic for the SGL-tools for: Supervision, Grow groups and Leadership, - illustrated as a circle surface with four sectors for the four colours we always use.


Main function: Thinks out plans and functions. Characteristics: Seeks facts. Need for fairness. Aware of details. Carries through planned tasks.
Focus/Etichs: Needs to be perfect, expressed through a duty ethic which moral. "You must, because..."
Decision language: Blue: rational, thorough and Risk-securing.
Ideal partner is yellow: loyal and value-oriented.
Shadow function: EQ/Feelings, which many master through stressful and often shy behavior.


Main function: Intuitive creator of values. Characteristics: Seeks solutions. Unusual and individualistic. An unorthodox innovator. Values power derived from competence more than power of positions.
Focus/Ethics: Needs to be different, expressed through mysticism and idealism - "Love your neighbor as yourself".
Decision language is: Purple, emotional, quick and Risk-willing. Ideal partner is red: Sensing and charismatic.
Shadow function: Social antennae which some master through a strong sensuality.


Main function: Sensing and emotional.
Characteristics: Seeks ideas. Flexible and diplomatic. Sees a matter from many different angles. Can be experienced as socially creative. Popular and
Focus/Etichs: Needs to be needed. Often a spokesperson for holistic/green values and has a consequence ethic expressed by "Everything is connected".
Decision language is: Red, emotional, "a'ha" seeking and Risk-strong.
Ideal partner is purple: critical and committed. Shadow function: Intuition which most try to master by developing excellent social confidence.


Main function:Emotional creativity /EQ
Characteristics: Seeks acceptance. Genuine and open. Reliable. Avoids unnecessary changes or conflicts. Best in a trusting team.
Focus/Ethics:Needs to avoid pain made visible in an intentional ethic that says: "You will become what you think .."
Decisions language is: Yellow, imaginative, sensitive and Risk-safe-guarding.
Ideal partner is: Blue, result oriented and strong.
Shadow function:Analytical independence mastered through strong group identification.


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