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SECRETS  ..... 

tells about the magic and secrets that has followed SGL from the very beginning. - Expectations and requirements for renewal have however - never shaken the basic vision of "man created in the image og God". 

Part 1: HOME / start pages

Noah`s ark from the Old Testament. 
Here is a good symbol 
for the complexity we need to survive ..

Noah`s ark from the Old Testament.
Here is a good symbol
for the complexity we need to survive ..

Here you meet our first secrets:

Wanted is the bacic value of all being. That means that no growth factor is stronger than the feeling of being specially loved, chosen or important for a particular task. Being seen and accepted “as-you-are”, creates the basis for trust, belonging and growth.

The second secrets say:

Acceptance is the core of the winning team. Modern knowledge organizations have long realized that team composition and management culture are closely related. Where previously recruited strategic analysts or administrative perfectionists, headhunted now resource persons and charismatic innovators who dare live out their whole tension between feel and sense.

The third secrets are:

Complexity. - Like Noah in the Old Testament SGL believe in complexity in order to survive. In real life that means it is equally important to put together teams that both have the right background for the job, as well as a multitude of personalities. Social relations, friendship and personal respect build bridges between organizations, groups and individuals.

In this recognition, we think that SGL is the key to the creative awareness -that creates and maintains real networks between people

Part 2: Winner team / summary in english

SGL as tools: "Supervision - Groups – Leadership", was originally written in Norwegian for Norwegian companies on the Norwegian continental shelf in the North Sea. - Today, many of the ideas in SGL are accepted and continued under the term "Scandinavians management", while it at the same time shows growing interest outside the Nordic language area. - Not least in Brazil.

Our webpages: Winner Team, is therefore a long-awaited summary in English, with links to all previously published material in Norwegian, Swedish, English and German. - With short introductions to SGL colour language and the different temperament roles, new readers will get a clear and distinct understanding of the philosophy and practical use of the SGL concept. - It is also our hope that SGL will be translated, what remains - with help from active users during the years ahead.

SGL use conversation as our strongest tool. The secret lies in separating the message according to our “head, heart and stomach”, or what the SGL language referred to as blue, red and yellow languages. By mastering the codes the communication become tougher and safer compared to fantasies and ideas. For no one thinks exactly the same. Part 3 / Focus tells about these secrets.

SGL claims that no body of organization reach higher than its management team. In the same way no value creation reach higher than the work organizational affiliations. High competence and rigid organizational affiliations sabotage creative processes in the same manner as the relationship between the work environment and the leadership is that one to one.- Visit: Part 4

SGL is easy to learn but difficult to use without deeper insight into why and how humans function in changing and restructuring processes. SGL-library want to share our experiences and illustrate the psychological conditions and the existential needs and longing that characterizes most of everything we do. - Pay a visit to Part 5, and understand the full body of SGL

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 SGL is now cast to anyone who want to achieve a lot. - Begin with your self, before applying the principles to your project work, appraisals talks, employment interviews, team meetings, board meetings - or customer relations. All around you will benefit from the insights and secrets and joy of the results. Please share your thoughts on facebook or contact JPH by email or Skype. - Our experience is at your disposal.


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