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To find your risk management profile you must answer the following two questions, which will zooms in one of four alternatives. – Finally, you are invited to assure the quality of your own response to some of your colleagues. - They tend to know the answer...


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3 key questions - about your decisions:

Foto from the journal: "Leadership/Ledelse"

Questions nr.1

If you now compare yourself with the same aged, for example in a school class. Will you then describe your decision behaviour in "hard cases" - as "most people" - approximately 6-7 of 10 persons, or "faster than average", approximately 3-4 of 10 persons?

A ) If you said: "as most people" mark your code = ( L )

B ) If you said: "faster than average", mark your code  = ( S )

Questions nr.2

If you are in position to elect your favourite assistant: 

Will you then choose a partner who is faster or slower than you to be active and operative, in unfamiliar decisions/hard cases, under stress ? -

A ) If you prefer a colleque: "faster than you", mark your code = ( H )

B ) If you prefer a colleque: "slower than you",mark your code = ( R )


 Indicate your answers as one of the pairs:

    SH / SR 

        LH / LR

Key factors: Decision Roles in practice

Focus: SGL-theme no. 7

The project team will use more than 80 percent of their time to take various decisions, says many veteraners that go from project to project.

Many of these decisions will be specific experience and routine, while others will be new, uncertain and risky. It is in the later situation that both the language and the role of temperament, our SGL-profile plays a crucial role.

Most also have an immediate and honest introspection to determine whether they make quick and operative decisions in ”hard cases” or whether they need facts, time and confidence to choose correctly the first time.

To find a model to determine this in a simple and truthful way I developed originally in partnership with the Oil & Gas Division of Norwegian Hydro a special decision tree with corresponding depth questions that we used in appraisals talks and employment interview.

Use the "Decision Tree"

Focus: SGL-theme no. 4

The Decisicion Tree -  shows how people with different "colors" practice management = risk management / risk rooms.

If we imagine problems / issues rising from the root system, the fastest decision response will be with purple-makers on the first branch, who are eager to seek solutions.

Then comes the red-makers on the second branch, who like to explor ideas, before the blue and facts oriented policymakers on the next branch.

The most time-consuming decision-making process will be the acceptance and concensus-seeking yellow decision makers at the top.

In our illustration, this is marked by the dashed decision room for rapid, uncertain and critical decisions. Each decision level and decision-color is further divided into a management direction on the left side and a more skill direction on the right.

  • Most decision makers will have dominant strengths and interests of either one or the other direction.

In same aged of people will the different colors or decision roles from experience, be: Yellow ca. 50%, Blue ca. 10%, Purple ca. 10%, Red ca. 30%. - In many situations will the two minority groups: Blue and Purple be the natural leaders.

How do you understand your identity and code ?

GAMES PEOPLE PLAY is like the chess table, where you "play" is either:
BLUE: Tower/Head or PURPLE: Horse/Hands or RED: Bishop/Heart or YELLOW: Farmer/Foot, as your basic decisions profile.


Focus: SGL-theme no. 4 -About Carl Gustav Jung and his mental compas.

Remember and controll your code:

In your work above, we think your choice either indicates that you prefer: Law and Order ( L ), or you are a Stimuli seeking explorer ( S )

Professional personality tests is mostly based on the fact that the brain is divided into two parts which have different functions. - In SGL - that means you either belong to the: blue / yellow decision vertical axes, or the: red / purple horizontal axes. Jfr. the figure, where SGL let an iceberg illustrate the mental compass to Carl Gustav Jung, like: 

  • RIGHT brain

    registers and creates Purple visual associations as
    symbols or slides
    that trigger Red
    creative fantasies
    and active energies.
    About 40 % of the aged, belongs to to right part.


  • LEFT brain

    reflects and creates
    Blue analyzes,
    ratings - and systems of
    values that trigger Yellow
    emotional needs
    and active most rings.
    About 60 % - of the aged, is dominated of the left part.

CONTROL THE ALTERNATIVES - Helper or Rescue/Reformator …. ?

TEST: Think your are a project manager:

In this position you can elect your favourite co-leader: Will you then choose a partner that is?

H - one who need more time than yourself to make difficult, unfamiliar decisions under stress? - or:

– one who is faster than yourself to fight difficult, unfamiliar decisions under stress?


The answer by whom you prefer as a partner, says everything.

If you chose a Helper who need more time than you in difficult, unfamiliar decisions under stress? - SGL thinks that: 

  • You belong to the opposite R-branches, with:
  • Blue/Result-orientated rational persons, or the
  • Purple/Rebell/Romantic branches with intuitiv personalities 

If you - as most people prefere a fighter like an Rescue or Reformator as your favorite partner? -  SGL thinks that:

  • You belongs to the oposite H-branches, either as a:  
  • Red sensitiv person who feel good to be a Helper, or an: 
  • Yellow emotional and loyal Helper with a strong EQ (Emotional Intelligens ) 

Our experience says that our favorite partner always represent our shadow, which means the oposite colour in the SGL-system.

CONTROL YOUR RESULTS: Put your code together …

LH = yellow

Indicate that you are stimulated by thinking good, which means that you nearly always see yourself as an Helper.

As your co-leader you prefere a more result orienteted partner than yourself in difficult, unfamiliar decisions under stress - which also indicate that you mostly feel good to do good to others = (H)

As your favorit partner you chose a structural Blue person.

Your Decisions Role is emotional and vulnerable, with a Risk SAFE - consensus decision making ability. - SGL thinks you are Yellow

👍In project you can be a creativ "doer", often used to: Task management, HR responibility and controller - functions.


LR = blue

Indicate that you are attracted by responsibility, structure and results which you believe are important for the world.

As your co-leader you prefare a more careing partner than yourself in difficult, unfamiliar decisions under stress - which indicate that you always want to be in charge according to results and improvements = (R)

As your favorit partner you chose an emotional Yellow person.

Your Decisions Role is theoretical and rational, with a Risk SECURING decision making ability. - SGL thinks you are Blue

👍In project you will be a natural manager for: Monitoring and progress. or: Strategy management and development within a business or similar organization - As completer finisher you will formalize termination and transfer experiences. 

SH = red:

Indicate that you are an sensitiv explorer -  looking after change and excitement ( S ), rather than routines and consensus.

When you are in charge you always favorite intuitiv assistents who are faster policimakers than yourself under stress -which indicate that you feel good to be the Helper = (H)

 As co-leader you are seeking an impulsive Purple person.

Your Decisions Role is sensing and seeking, with a Risk STRONG decision making ability. - SGL thinks you are Red

👍In large project you can be the supreme leader of realization. Your strength will be: Develop team of high performance. - Delegating work programs. - Implement Triple-T-Test for working environment and colleague calls.

SR = purple

Indicate that you are an intuitiv explorer looking after change and improvements ( R ), rather than routines and consensus.

As co-leader you prefare a more inquisitive partner than yourself in difficult, unfamiliar decisions under stress - which indicate that you want to be in charge according to creativity and results = (R)

Your favorit partner is your polarity = Red

Your Decisions Role is intuitiv and quick, with a Risk WILLING decision making ability. - SGL thinks you are Purple.

👍In projects you will present the creative and innovative empowerment to:  Vision and visualization. - Strategy and management and improvements and interaction.

Question 3) - the QA-test ..

No model or theory represents truth. Nevertheless, good models show the way to a deeper and better understanding of the obvious. Based on years with SGL-coaching we developed our way of understanding. Now it is your turn to make a QA-test.


 Show your answers and your colour codes,

to some good colleagues.

Ask them so if they recognizes your profile

and your decisions  behaviour?

If they said YES,

your input must have been very good. – Congratulations!


Your Decisions Role is an important part of your personal profile. The next step is your:  Team Role