Grane project received the year's award for best delivery, quality and leadership, with SGL-coaching at all levels from beginning to end. Here is our story about the communication and objectives:
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1 ) LANGUAGE ROLE - and the color secrets ..

Focus: SGL-theme no. 1


SGL  -  Language Role - is the key to understand the color methodology. In an instructive and practical way the colors tells more than one thousand words.

SGL - uses colors to separate the message to achieve what you want.

SGL - puts color on your strength and shadow sides, and communicates with simple words and illustrations who you are and what you do best.

SGL - coloring your decision behavior in yellow, blue, red and purple decision roles, to use the right person at the right time.

SGL  - help you to find your favorite partner, or assemble your own winning team using color methodology. You see what we are saying and experiencing what we do. -

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2 ) DECISIONS ROLE - and your risk taking ...

Focus: SGL-theme no. 4

SGL - Decisions Role - illustrate your leadership through a "decision tree", which tell us your story in another way. If you want  - you can release a fantasy that the branch levels represent our own risk-decisions-rooms. Each of them with different color, size and area. All of them representing the common human archetypes we can observe in most project teams. 

Three questions will show you at which branch you belong!-

If you want to find the answer. 

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3 ) TEAM ROLE - and your personal profile ..

Focus: SGL-theme no. 6

Sometimes people ask me:

"What does characterises a winner team?"

My answer is:

"Proper motivation and the just reward".

In an organisational context I usually think of only two different groups of people who can voluntarily enter into a process of changing and development which can make them very effective. The two groups of people are:

Those who are in great need, and
those who want to achieve a lot.


All is about : "Games People Play" - Be aware of your..

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4 ) THE WINNER TEAM - SGL in work ….

Focus: SGL-theme no. 7

IN the description of "The Winner Team"  you will find five slides, which step by step - show you the difference between the team who work for the money, -  and those who work to create something that last for themselves and for the organisation they are part of. - The small differences in the team culture creates enormous differences in their results. Therefore, all management is not only about proper procedures, but as much about the best  values. Show me your team, and I'll tell you whom you are ... 

SO! - Go on and climb the performance curve ( picture ) and you can evaluate your team`s performance potencial by identify its position on the team performance slides. Interested? - Go to the presentation

WINNER TEAM  / Start here 

and find the one who fits it best                      

5 ) VISION for CHANGE - your way of life ...

SGL in winnerteams ..

SGL knows that many of your collegues - and that is probably the majority - is sufficiently satisfied and content. They are in a state of general well being. Because of this they can neither think of change nor contribute, through effort and performance, to make changes is possible. For them forced changes will lead to conflict unless they understand that:

Change requires involvement in need,

or involvement in vision.

This is why a "learning-organisation-management" concerns the release of experience and the awareness of people`s values, in order to create a vision to reach one common goal. It means that no team can be a potentially effective team, without commitment to a common purpose, and a well-structured culture for communication.

We have defined this communication on different levels, each described by its own colour, with origin in the common human archetypes and old religions. Those communication levels are visualised in all the: 15 - SGL-icons, just like a alphabet ..

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